Maintainer: Ram Mallappa
Last Modified: Feb-20-2004

jCDWriter is a free software for recording CDs on Linux (works on Windows also if you do not mind doing some tweaks to get cdrecord and mkisofs working). jCDWriter depends on 'cdrecord' and 'mkisofs' in the background. It is written in Java so it also requires JRE to be installed. I will try my best to keep this document up-to-date and useful.

  1. Features

  2. Screen shots

  3. System Requirements

  4. Installation

  5. Running jCDWriter

  1. Features

    - Can create custom CD-R(W) using drag-n-drop style user interface.

    - Create custom directories and drag files/folders into them.

    - Save and load your CD layout.

    - Scan your CD-Recorders at click of a button. (No need to specify devices like 0,0,1 or /dev/scd0 etc.,)

    - Create CD images in the popular .iso format. Which you can mount as a local file system by doing 'mount -o loop /mnt/iso mycd.iso'.

    - Burn your favorite downloaded Linux distributions to a CD or ISO images you created using jCDWriter..

    - Can burn directly to a CD-R(W).

    - Can erase CD-RW disks.

  2. Screenshots

Main Window



General settings

2. System Requirements

Following software packages are required to run jCDWriter.

3. Installation

  1. Make sure your java installation works.

    Type 'which java' at a shell prompt to see if you have one in your path. If not, use full path to wherever your java command is located.

  2. jCDWriter is tested with JRE 1.4.2

    command: 'java -version' should display version number for verification of your java version.

  3. Make sure you have execute permissions for cdrecord, mkisofs

  4. Download file jcdwriter.jar from project website.

4. Running jCDWriter

    java -jar jcdwriter.jar

    If you have your java installed at /usr/local/java/bin/java then you can use full path also:

    /usr/local/java/bin/java -jar jcdwriter.jar Logo